Thyrsis & Amaranth Cover

Thyrsis & Amaranth

an opera in one act on the fable by
Jean de la Fontaine

for soprano, mezzo-soprano (or countertenor)
and piano (2010)


Product Description

Duration: 15 min.

Instrumentation: S, MS (or CT), pft

Text: English
Libretto by the composer

November 13, 2011
Hartford Opera Theater, The Studio at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT
stage director: Regina Kaufmann; music director: Joseph Hodge
Thyrsis: Anne Druce, mezzo-soprano; Amaranth: Lisabeth Miller Kettledon, soprano; Stephen Scarlato, piano

Other Performances:
Halifx Summer Opera, Halifax, NS, August 5 & 7, 2012
NANOWorks Opera, Cincinnati, OH, January 28 & February 6, 2015
One Ounce Opera, Austin, TX, April 15 & 16, 2016
R-S Theatrics, St. Louis, MO, September 2-18, 2016
Setnor Opera Workshop, Syracuse University, January 27 & 28, 2017

Program Note:
Set against a classical Arcadian backdrop of rolling hills and wooded fields, Amaranth, a shepherdess, is sitting singing to herself of heartache. Her song speaks of the inward turmoil she is experiences. Thyrsis, a shepherd, happens upon Amaranth as she speaks of her longings for someone. Thyrsis has long harbored a deep love for Amaranth, but has feared rejection if he should express these feelings to her. He devises a way to find out if she has feelings for him by probing and hinting on the subject of love itself. Through their exchange, Thyrsis thinks that her feelings are for him, but his questioning has lead Amaranth to acknowledge her love for another shepherd, Clidamant. Thyrsis is caught by surprise and is left alone at the end to consider the failure of his words.

R-S Theatrics, 2016 production, Amaranth: Eileen Engel; Thyrsis: Lindsay Gingrich


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